About Us

Our nonprofit, with the support of our sponsors, receives about 120,000 visitors a year. Our mission is to help people become vegan from awareness.

We're a nonprofit with an emphasis of providing awareness and support to those who want to become vegan. There are many reasons to become vegan.

Four big things happen when you go vegan!

  1. You save about 200 animal lives a year.

  2. You can reduce your carbon footprint by 40%.

  3. You can reduce your chances of getting some cancers, like colon cancer. (Consult with your doctor).

  4. You can reduce global hunger.

2018 receive over 100,000 targeted visitors per year to our website.

2020 added scientific trials and labs about veganism from our medical doctor contributors.

Save Animals To Save Ourselves

If we were all vegans, there wouldn't be Covid-19. Nor would there be Swine Flu, SARS, Mad Cow Disease, and many recent viruses. Most people don't even realize about 10% of our DNA is transferred by viruses from other species. When breeding exotic animals (bats in caves) and selling them in wet markets, there is an increased chance of new viral pandemics. There are more cows and chickens than people. The larger number of living animals, especially animals kept in crowded spaces, the more probability of viral mutation. It's really simple math. The more host, the more mutations that can occur. The more crowded inhumane conditions, the more disease.

Eating meat is the leading cause of colon cancer--even fish. Every time we eat a piece of meat or eat cheese, we are the source of the problem. If we were all vegan, there would be much less hunger. It takes many multiples of resources to grown animal proteins versus plant proteins.

Since we're all streaming now. A great movie to open your eyes is "The Game Changers." It has a lot of my heroes--Arnold. Schwarzenegger.