Go Vegan. Save about 200 animals every year, reduce climate change, and become healthier.

Sometimes our phone reps and chat reps take calls at 2 am to help those who need cancer screening support. Our staff does all it's magic over the phone and chat.

Our nonprofit creates many American phone rep jobs.

Our Mission

We're a nonprofit. 100% of proceeds go to saving lives & creating American jobs.

Saving Lives

When people stop eating meat and dairy, you help save the environment, save animal lives, and save lives by reducing global hunger. In addition, when you go vegan with guidance from your doctor, you may reduce chances of colon cancer and many other diseases.

Don't wait.

Personal testimonial: I almost died from stage 4 cancer. I waited too long to see a specialist. I learned from Harvard and USC trials and meta-analysis of studies that eating animal derived protein is linked to colon cancer. Eating dairy, white meat, and fish etc, in studies have shown a link to colon cancer. I was startled to find in clinical studies tumors grew when dairy was given and tumors shrunk when dairy was taken away from the diet. I feel I may die because I ate meat. I implore you not to.

Max Ford -Board Member